President's welcome

September 2023


       Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year of MUSIC in the Williamsville Central School District! PLEASE JOIN in supporting musical activities for all students in the vocal/string/band programs in our district.  The Boosters is made up of current and past music student families AND anyone who wishes to see the history of excellence in our music programs continue into the future.  This past summer, we had an outstanding turnout for the summer music program.  Did you know that the WMB funded a good portion of this annual event?  

       In the coming year, we look forward to working in conjunction with our excellent music teachers to fund unique opportunities which are not included in the district budget, such as: guest artists, scholarships, commissioning of new works and assisting in the costs of some out-of-district ensemble costs for students who are accepted into elite regional/state ensembles. (This is reserved for particular grade levels and ensembles.)  

How can you support our music programs?

1. JOIN NOW to:

       a. open a tax-deductible annual membership

       b. become a donor

       c. become a corporate sponsor

2. TAKE A TURN assisting us at the WMB table at your child's school concerts (You won't miss a note of the concert!)

3. COME to one or all of our four annual general membership meetings

4. SEND US your ideas as to how we can raise funds to support our musical events throughout the year!

As always, group success depends on individuals and families LIKE YOU!  

Kevin E. Kazmierczak

President - Williamsville Music Boosters

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